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In our world CSR is not just a question of compliance and risk management – it is actually a great opportunity to create new value, new innovation and ultimately new profit.

It al starts by changing your perspective from CSR as a cost and a time killer to CSR as a value creator. We can help you change – and profit from the change!


GlobeEight is a consultancy. Already, we can almost hear you think ’Oh no, not another consultancy – they are all the same, they promise you the moon, then deliver what my grandmother could have told me for free, and they charge you a bomb’.

But if you give us two minutes, we will tell you why we think GlobeEight is different – really different!

Where traditional consultancies make a living by advising you on how to grow your profit, your bottom line, we take this a few – but important – steps further. The thing is that your bottom line will thrive much better when you let it stand on the shoulders of society – what we might call society’s bottom line, be that environmental or otherwise.

Today, companies are already responsible for their carbon footprint, for their waste management, for how they treat their employees etc. etc. Most companies realize and accept this. Indeed, even support this. So companies do realise that they have a greater responsibility.

But they don’t normally link this responsibility to new opportunities for growth and profit. Most business people equal business responsibility to risk management and compliance to certain standards. A ‘license to operate’ you might call it. But a ‘license to operate’ is easily viewed a time killer. ‘Something we just have to do to look good’ to push this view to the extreme.

So in fact only a few companies see their responsibility as a potential road leading to innovation, to new growth and increased profit. We do. And this is why we are so different.

You see, when companies link what is good and profitable for the company itself with what is good for society at large, it suddenly opens up doors. You can read about how this can materialize by reading our Sustainability Chronicle elsewhere on this website – we have lot of different case stories proving my point.

So what others call a time killer, we at GlobeEight see a platform for new business opportunities. And this is where GlobeEight comes into the picture as ‘not just another consultancy’. We help you in moving from ‘license to operate’ to a ‘Blue Ocean’ position – built on responsibility and sustainability injected into your company business strategy.

We do so because companies taking a greater responsibility are tomorrow’s winners. We believe that companies who understand to be – and to communicate – financial, environmental as well as social responsibility will win consumers’ hearts. And wallets!

This is where we see untapped profitability.

At the same time we are deeply passionate about what we do. Why must there be a difference between growing your bottom line and making this planet a better and a safer place? We think the two are mutually dependent.

We have proven this to other corporations already – why not you? So come join our passion and become a winner in your industry.


GLOBE Eight offers a range of keynote speeches and facilitate seminars and internal company sessions.

The present range of talk that we offer:

Sustainable Leadership

Sustainable profit centre

From Compliance to Innovation driven business

For the NGO community: Talking Business with Business

The latest internal company sessions we have facilitated:

Mastering Sustainable innovations
Developing internal guidelines
Building Brand Philosophies
Too cheap to meter session – build from Free, a bestseller from Chris Anderson
Build from within on an outside perspective

If you need to set the scene or work around a perceived burning platform and feel in need of external support – don’t hesitate to get in contact with us for further information


From nice to need – through focus and increased demand.

The papers, news and important global connectors daily point to dark and devastating environmental predictions. The politicians struggle to agree about the how, whom and how much, at the same time as they use the environment as excuse for cable time.

The consumers still stay reluctant to the sequence of environmental issues, although they all applaud the overall necessity. The Companies as most, acknowledge environmental progress as a necessity, but find it most difficult to manoeuvre between business focus and environmental conduct, excusing themselves with lack of demand and only whisper about lack of ability to comply.


GLOBE Eight has seen an opportunity in converting the burning platform to a sequential business approach to unleash the large sustainability business potential while educating and anchoring a positive sustainable behavior individually.



Responsible behavior





  • We have confidence in growth, when combining business and sustainability.
  • We have confidence in growth, when combining business and social responsibility
  • We believe that sustainability is the future, and the vital platform for doing business.
  • Hence, we support business initiatives with a clear goal of doing better for the sake of the business, company, our children and the environment as a whole.
  • We develop competitive advantage through an absolute believable proposition to cater better business and with a more positive environmental kickback than most.
  • Through our work we want to establish a better relation with all sizes of customer from small and local – to large and International
  • We facilitate the progress – from the very beginning – while our customers get the necessary education and can enjoy the business result
  • We know that the solution is green.
  • We know it’s better to be part of the solution than to be part of the problem.



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