The Global Innovation Index

Every year since 2007 leading business school INSEAD has journeyed to find better ways to measure innovation – and publicized the Global Innovation Index (GII). Over the years, the GII model has evolved in response to the growing understanding of innovation parameters.

The GII model helps to create a model in which innovation factors are under continual evaluation, and it provides a key tool for refining innovation policies.

This years GII report stresses the importance of collaboration to address some of the large-scale challenges faced today.

The reality is that no organization – no government, company, research institution or NGO – by itself can solve our biggest problems, such as the economic crisis facing Europe or the massive emerging ecological threats. They must partner. They must collaborate. In many cases this means working very differently than they have ever done before. It means forging much closer ties between previously distinct sectors than ever before. It means sharing resources and responsibilities, depending on others to do their part in the collaborative action and embracing interdependencies.

Partnering in this way is difficult. But for organizations, companies and countries to remain competitive and to grow they must innovate and one of the ways they can accomplish this is through broad innovation. The GII offers an opportunity to think through this challenge. By shining a light on successful models of collaboration and innovation, the GII is contributing to an absolutely critical conversation.

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