A Whole New World

KPMG report:

Expect the Unexpected – Building business value in a changing world

In this report KMPG analyzes a system of ten sustainability megaforces that will impact each and every business over the next 20 years. These forces do not act alone in predictable ways. They are interconnected. They interact.

The 10 sustainability mega forces which will impact business over the next 2 decades:

  1. Climate change (the one global megaforce to directly impact all other)
  2. Energy and fuel (supply and production uncertainties)
  3. Material resource scarcity (demand will increase dramatically – strategic resources less easily available)
  4. Water scarcity (global demand for fresh water will exceed supply by 40%)
  5. Population growth (to place intense pressure on ecosystems and supply of food)
  6. Wealth (global middle class to grow 172% 2010-2030)
  7. Urbanization (majority of people living in urban areas)
  8. Food security (global food prices predicted to rise 70-90%)
  9. Ecosystems decline (main business risk of declining biodiversity from reputation to costs)
  10. Deforestation (forest area to decline by 13% from 2005-2030)

The data suggests that the external environmental costs of business operations are doubling every 14 years. External environmental costs could account for a considerable proportion of earnings and thus represent significant business value potentially at stake.

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