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Mr Asger Daugbjerg, CEO (mail: ad@globeeight.com)

I was born into a world where access to cheap and unlimited resources was a given. When I will leave this world again, I hope others will judge me as one among other change agents who helped build a sustainable planet where Human Race will understand in order to progress we must protect this planet.

I will try to focus my role on persuading private companies that future development and sustainability are not mutually exclusive, but indeed interdependent – and that sustainability opens up new doors to growth and profit.

Besides all the high flying words I also love good old fashioned business strategy, marketing strategy and communication plan work. Besides, I love the teaching and lecturing jobs I get my way.

So in short: Let me do what I can do to make a better world – and make some hard earned cash at the same time!

Company Information:

The GlobeEight brand is fully operated by

AD Brain Board

CVR no. 36366001

Copenhagen office – +45 2035 6579

Brolæggerstræde 6
DK – 1211 Copenhagen K


Singapore office+65 8699 5705

26B Serangoon Avenue
Singapore 556 431
Rep. of Singapore


Contact: hello@globeeight.com

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