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May 2017 – We are currently involved in a whole range of projects from market analysis, business development to marketing and innovation planning. We have projects in the US, Asia and Europe. This is also why we dare claim that we both understand a range of different cultures and business etiquettes – and can easily navigate as well as bridge what we learn in the East in the West – and vice versa.

Jan 2017 – What a start to the new year! A new retail client in Singapore, a business college in the US and two new start-ups whom we help move up the PLC curve.

June 2016 – The ‘new’ GlobeEight will inform about a number of new exciting initiatives during the following summer weeks. After the summer holiday GlobeEight will start a range of new projects. More to follow, so stay tuned…

June 2016 – After some careful considerations the founders Asger Daugbjerg and Brian Enabled have decided to split and each pursue our own business interests. This means that Asger will continue with GlobeEight on his own.

Brian will step down from all positions and involvement in GlobeEight.

10 March 2016 – In April Asger will be lecturing on Digital Marketing at SIM University in Singapore.

7 October 2015 – Asger will be leading a seminar on Innovation management at DTU – Denmark’s technical University. How to better support, drive and manage Innovation.

22 April 2015 – GlobeEight proudly announces that we have been hired by DTU (Denmark’s Technical University) to lead an extensive innovation program in 2015-16. The iDTU program strives to build a platform for common understanding of innovation and how it can be used in research, teaching, project development and entrepreneurship.

The iDTU program will be based on three day modules for DTU staff –  across the university’s many institutes and departments. It will include innovation theory, case studies and last but not least pitches where all participants will do their own innovation presentation.

GlobeEight will be mastering this program together with Hein & Partners.

19 March 2015 – After successfully having co-hosted the Crowd15 conference in end of Feb together with Danish Crowdsourcing Association and Danish Crowdfunding Association, the question now is ‘What’s next?’.

We managed to get 250 people to sign-up for the conference – because we presented more than 20 national and internation speakers all sharing latest news, newest cases, latest research and much more. Quite a 2-day event – and we got a lot of positive feed-back. Read more on Crowd15.dk

We are tempted to do arrange a Crowd16 conference. But what you think? Same concept and similar content? Or a new take? Any other thoughts? We’d like to hear from you. Send Asger an email on ad@globeeight.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

20 January 2015 – For the third time GlobeEight will participate in the annual Medico Bazar at DTU in Lyngby on March 10 – showcasing our Innometer self-assessment tool to measure your company’s innovation skills. Come visit us from 10am-4pm. Read more on http://www.sciondtu.dk/arrangementer/medico-bazar-2015/

15 January 2015 – GlobeEight is one of the founders and key partners in next month’s 2-day Crowd15 conference on crowdsourcing and -funding. Read more and Sign up for an exciting event in www.Crowd15.dk – and see you in Copenhagen on Feb 26-27.

23 December 2014 – We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We are back in the office on Jan 5, 2015.

30 September 2014 – GlobeEight has moved to a new office. From today you can meet us at Brolæggerstræde 6, 1211 Copenhagen K – right in the centre of the city.

We have opened our new offices here and we look forward to presenting it to all our clients, business partners and friends and family. Do pay us a visit.

7 July 2014 – As informed back in March we are co-partnering the European conference on crowdsourcing in Copenhagen Oct 14-16 – CrowdsourcingWeek. You can now check the program as well as sign up – go to crowdsourcingweek.com

Hope to see you in October at the IT-University Copenhagen for three inspiring days.

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8 May 2014 – Please below see our invitation to HR Innometer morning conference on June 19. We hope to see you there.


30 April 2014 – GlobeEight is proud to announce a partnership with the Danish PR agency Rostra – together we will develop, offer and do a PR Innometer in 2nd half of 2014. Contact Asger for more.

7 April 2014 – tick off June 19 from 9am-12noon at Henley Nordic’s office in Copenhagen. Here GlobeEight tin a partnership with Henley Nordic and Nexus Interim Management will present learning and perspectives from this years’ HR Innometer – where we have mapped the HR competencies among 30 big/international corporations. Follow latest here on this site or shoot an email to Asger at ad@globeeight.com for more.

1 April 2014 – Asger has been appointed extern lecturer at International Management Education’s mini-MBA program. Asger will be teaching Marketing & Social Media starting after the summer break.

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10 March 2014 – GlobeEight is now the proud partner of Crowdsourcing Week and will co-organise the European Conference in Copenhagen for the very first time in Oct. 2014.

Read more on http://www.crowdsourcingweek.com

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24 February 2014 – HR Innometer has now started and you can get the first winner article by contacting Asger on ad@globeeight.com

29 January 2014 – International Business, Design and Lifestyle Magazine  Monocle came by to interview Brian Engblad on how to get small and mid size companies to focus on Sustainability.

23 January 2014 – Brian Engblad has just been accepted to teach at Oxford University on subjects re International Business Development.

20 January 2014 – HR Innometer starts this Friday 31st Jan and continues to June where we finalise the project with a 1/2 day conference at the Henley Business School in Copenhagen.

30 December 2013 – We wish all our clients, partners, suppliers and friends a very Happy New Year – and hope for a prosperous 2014 for you all!

1 October 2013 – because of an extreme work pressure in our sister company CPHmade we will be focusing our resources here – primarily in establishing and operating our retail shop in the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen during the Christmas 2013 season. So you can meet us here from Nov 15 to Dec 31.

5 September 2013 – please visit and follow our new GlobeEight group on LinkedIn – go to http://www.linkedin.com/company/3314429?trk=tyah

16 August 2013 – Introducing HR Innometer Since 2011 GlobeEight has successfully been monitoring the innovation competences in a huge range of various organizations. Our Innometer concept has proven hugely valuable to our clients, and hence we have decided to now also monitor in other areas, starting with Human Ressource Management. We now offer to map GlobeEight clients’ HR strengths and weaknesses in order to give them a competent insight into their current competences as a platform for managing a continuous improvement. HR Innometer has been co-developed in cooperation with Henley Business School Professor of Human Resource Management Mr. Christopher Brewster.

23 July 2013 – After a 6-month intensive process GlobeEight has now finalized a comprehensive study of the innovation competences across all departments at a major Copenhagen hospital. The objective was to identify existing strengths and weaknesses across the hospital and feed-bck to top management in order for it to craft a strong innovation strategy 2020 – based on where there are already pockets of great innovation skills – and why and how ‘best practice’ can be efficiently implemented all across the organization. Contact Asger to learn more.

19 June 2013 – GlobeEight has now launched its latest Sustainability project – SustainInnometer in a cooperation with The Social Business Company lead by Sustainability expert Ms Tania Ellis. You can read all about SustainInnometer by clicking on the SustainInnometer text in the upper right corner on this page.

23 May 2013 – Asger will be speaking at next week’s Baltic Development Forum 2013 Summit in Riga, Latvia – presenting our CPHmade concept in a 2-hour session called Baltic Sea Region Investment Promotion. We are happy to get the opportunity to present the CPHmade city branding concept to other metropolises in the Baltic region. Screen shot 2013-05-23 at 9.01.24 AM
3 May 2013 – Via our sister-company CPHmade Brian and Asger are now involved in projects and partnerships with people in Japan, USA, Italy, Sweden and China. So no time to rest and too little time to keep the GlobeEight website fully updated. Buy hey – business is good, so no complains from us.

2 April 2013 – Inspired by an article in Time Magazine 25 March called ‘The Dream Factories’ GlobeEight is keen on exploring opportunities in the Nordic region to set up a school for would-be entrepreneurs. If anybody is interested in partnering on starting a school which would teach entrepreneurship let’s hear from you! 13 March 2013 – GlobeEight now involved in a series of various innovation and sustainability projects, based on our Innometer tool, in countries like Denmark, Singapore and Norway. Call Asger to learn more. 1 March 2013 – GlobeEight asked to assist in finding potential partners for Creative Business Cup in Asia (read more on creativebusinesscup.com) 19 February 2013 – GlobeEight has been invited to join the Advisory Board on CSR and Innovation organized by the Ministry of Education and Innovation. First workshop meeting planned for March 12. We are excited about this. 29 January 2013 – GlobeEight has just signed a partnership agreement with Tania Ellis – The Social Business Company. Tania Ellis is recognized as one of the world’s true experts on sustainable business success, and her book The New Pioneers’ has been recognized as one of the 40 best sustainability books in the world. Together we will offer a Sustainability measurement tool to organizations globally. The tool will identify an organization’s Sustainability strengths and weaknesses across different organizational dimensions in order to better understand how sustainability and business objectives can be fully aligned. Contact Asger to learn more. 21 January 2013 – GlobeEight moves its innovation surveys abroad – starting in Sweden and Singapore. Contact Asger to learn more. 11 January 2013 – Both Asger and Brian turn 50 years this year. Time to celebrate – first time on Feb 7 when GlobeEight hosts a reception for Asger between 3-5pm in the office. 4 January 2013 – Happy New Year to you all and hope to see many of you at the upcoming Medico Bazar at Denmark’s Technical University in Lyngby on Jan 15. GlobeEight will be there – both as an exhibitor and as a key note speaker. 24 December 2012 – Dear friends we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We will be back on Jan 2nd, 2013! 10 December 2012 – GlobeEight has signed contract on conducting mapping of innovation competencies in the health sector in 2013. Contact Asger for more. 30 November 2012 – GlobeEight has been invited to Medico Bazar by Medico Innovation Copenhagen again in 2013 – this time on January 15. Here GlobeEight will present our Innometer innovation tool. Read more on http://www.medico-innovation.dk/2012/11/medico-bazar-15th-january-2013/ 7 November 2012 – Do read this week’s Time Magazine article ‘The 25 Best Inventions of the Year’ – we particularly love the Self-inflating tires and the motion-activated screwdriver. The world will never be the same :-) 16 October 2012 – Interesting article on LinkedIn ‘The Law of Sustainable Growth’ by Eric Ries: http://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20121015181612-2157554-the-law-of-sustainable-growth 4 October 2012 – GlobeEight organizes an Innovation 1/2 day conference together with Scion DTU and Medico-Innovation on Friday 2 November – read the program above. 25 September 2012 – GlobeEight is behind the CPHmade Market Day planned for November 17 where you can meet 30 members in the CHmade network- read more on CPHmade.org 20 August 2012 – We recommend you to read the KPMG report ‘Expect the Unexpected: Building business value in a changing world’ – 10 sustainability forces which will impact each and every business over the next 20 years. Find the executive summary here: http://www.kpmg.com/dutchcaribbean/en/Documents/KPMG%20Expect_the_Unexpected_ExctveSmmry_FINAL_WebAccessible.pdf 7 August 2012 – GlobeEight/Asger has been asked to be a speaker on ‘Business competitiveness –  good practice promoting SMEs exports’ at the Baltic Investors’ Forum in Vilnius i Lithuania 25-26 October, 2012. 27 July 2012 – Read our latest Sustainable Business Chronicle Vol. 4 – log onto http://globeeight.com/?page_id=253 and read three new interesting case stories on business sustainability. 17 July 2012 – Denmark ranks 7th on this year’s Global Innovation Index – behind Switzerland, Sweden, Singapore, Finland, United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Read the full report on www.globalinnovationindex.org 2 July 2012 – We are here all summer, so just call or email us – we’d love to hear from you. 15 June 2012 – Asger is one of three key note speakers at Innovation seminar next Wednesday for a number of senior business executives from a range of the biggest Danish companies arranged by SAP Denmark. Theme: Innovation from a company perspective, from a national perspective and from a global perspective. 11 June 2012 – Again this year GlobeEight is attending the annual Baltic Development Forum Summit. This time in Copenhagen on June 18-19. Asger is a key note speaker on innovation. Check www.bdforum.org for more. 22 May 2012 – If you want our two most recent innovation case stories please send Asger an email – case stories include the fascinating story behind Grundfos Innovation Intent – how Grundfos plans to increase size of business 5x by 2025. 8 May 2012 – Asger has been invited by Baltic Development to do do a presentation on the topic of innovation at next months Baltic Development Forum Summit where approx. 800 key people from the entire Baltic region will gather to discuss growth initiatives and challenges for the Baltic Sea Region. For more go to www.b2match.eu/balticbusiness2012 20 April 2012 – We are now following CSR Asia (www.csr-asia.com). Asia is a key region for addressing future global sustainability challenges… 3 April 2012 – Read our latest Sustainable Business Chronicle Vol 3 on this site – just look right above under ‘Content’ – get the full story on how TerraCycle outsmarts waste and how DuPont sets new standards for sustainability objectives (and meets them!). 21 March 2012 – We just read about a travel agent in Copenhagen called Puravida Travel. What is great about Puravida is that they organize holiday trips to Costa Rica – with a sustainability approach. They do so by investing rain forrest conservation, providing health care for all employees, supporting Childrens’ Foundation and by neutralizing transportation carbon emissions. Check them on www.puravidatravel.dk

7 March 2012 – In September 2011 GlobeEight launched the network CPHmade – uniting a wide range of companies in Copenhagen all producing a physical product in the city. We started with just 4 members, but now 6 months later we have 40 members with a total turnover exceeding 200+ mill DKK. So huge progress and much more to  come, so stay tuned… Or even better check CPHmade.org.

7 March 2012 – Asger has been asked to contribute to a Marketing Management textbook – writing a chapter on Project Management and Financial Remuneration Models. The book ‘Markedskommunikation i praksis’ in Danish will be published mid 2012.

26 Feb 2012 – Interesting article in The Guardian about how sustainability plays a vital role in revitalizing local production:


1 Feb 2012 – GlobeEight’s Global Sustainability Index (GSI) is now ready. So if you want an in-depth mapping of your organization’s current Sustainability capabilities and thus a solid platform for improving its Sustainability strengths for future growth and profitability please just send Asger an email on ad@globeeight.com – completing the GSI is free of charge in the entire month of February 2012.

26 Jan 2012 – Brian is the keynote speaker at a book retailer convention. For more info on innovative retailing on the book market go to Brian’s linkedin profile and enjoy the blog on ‘beacons within the bookstores category’.

Jan 2012 - We be attending Medico Innovation Bazar with our innovation measurement tool – for more info visit www.medico-innometer.dk

Jan 2012 – Asger invited to VL Singapore monthly meeting on January 9 to present our Innovation Measurement Tool (IMT).

Jan 2012 – We wish all our clients, partners, friends and suppliers a Happy New Year!

19 Dec 2011 – GlobeEight open to take your orders, requests and comments in week 52 – we are not closed for Christmas, but ready to do serious work for you.

19 Dec 2011 – GlobeEight invited to present Medico Innometer project at Jan 2012 Medico Bazar at DTU (Denmark’s Technical University) – meet us all afternoon in Jan 10, 2012

1 Dec 2011 – Today, GlobeEight launches a new exciting national Innovation Measurement Tool (IMT) for the entire Medico industry in Denmark. Check out all the details and value on www.medico-innometer.dk.

15 Nov 2011 – Asger invited to Executives’ Global Network (EGN) Singapore to do a presentation on Innovation – Measuring Innovation to support new growth and profit in your organization – planned for 9 Dec.

14 Nov 2011 – Please check Monocle radio interview on CPHmade.org – why we started this network, what is the idea and what is next…

14 Nov 2011 – Planning how to enter Poland and Sweden – our Innovation and Sustainability tools seem to resonate well with executives in these two markets

21 Oct 2011 – GlobeEight will attend the upcoming 13th Baltic Development Forum Summit in Gdansk, Poland, 24-26 Oct.

The summit will be focusing on the future development of the Baltic region under the headline of Sustainable, Smart and Inclusive Growth.

We will, dear reader, listen carefully, discuss and interact with key influencers – and then report back to you on this website.

21 Oct 2011 – Asger will be giving 4 key note presentations on Innovation next week. Key message: By investing energy, commitment and strategic focus – but not necessarily more money – your company can increase its level of innovation and ultimately harvest new profits.

12 Oct 2011 – Preparing for presentation on Innovation at the Baltic Development Forum Summit in Gdansk, Poland later this month. And to gather lots of relevant information for our Sustainability agenda. 700 key people all at the same summit for 3 full days should be a good start.

3 Oct 2011 – Congratulations to all the winners at last weeks CSR awards. Especially to our dear friends at Grundfos who took home 2 prizes – both in CO2 reductions and CSR Communication.

12 Sep 2011 – GlobeEight has been invited to the next Act NOW session on Oct 10 in Copenhagen. Here experts and decision makers will meet at Executive Round Table to discuss best in class energy cases and new solutions to reduce energy consumption and Co2 emissions – we will be back after the Round Table with more.

7 Sep 2011 – Now we have launched CPHmade (www.CPHmade.org) – please visit and learn about the unique local production companies that the city of Copenhagen hosts. You are also welcome to join our LinkedIn group.

22 Aug 2011 – We will launch CPHmade on September 12, 2011 – please check our project website www.CPHmade.org from this date and read all about this new exciting project.

1. Aug 2011 – GlobeEight has moved its Copenhagen office to: Nygade 3, 5th floor, Copenhagen – phone numbers remain the same. So no excuse not to call!

July 2011 – We are here all summer, so just give us a call! We’d love to work with you….

Our key summer projects include drafting our business plan for CPHmade and completing the questionnaire for our Sustainability Index.

We will be back with more!

June 2011 – GlobeEight is now a proud member of the network:

Act Now is a network actively working on finding and broadcasting new ways to cut energy consumption and hence lower the world’s Co2 emissions.

Please contact us for more information and how you can add to the mission.

Join the Fish fight – on fishfight.net

June 2011 – Latest book recommendation:

The key message to take away from this book is that we should not be trying to force a ‘green revolution’ per se, but that we should be moving consumers towards being ‘green’ as a matter of course – green should become the normal way we behave rather than something we have to make an effort at.

June 2011 – Asger loves this provocative statement:

We can do without the idea of CSR – the problem is it lets you NOT take your responsibility for society seriously

June 2011 – Get Asger’s perspective and thoughts re Nordic Symposium on CSR at Copenhagen Business School earlier this month….

Give him a call on +45 6018 0685 – or send an email ad@globeeight.com

22. June 2011 – Asger Daugbjerg attending the ACT NOW Conference at Crowne Plaza in Copenhagen – discussing new energy solutions to help reduce Co2 emissions.

17. June 2011 – Attending Nordic Symposium for Corporate Social Responsibility at CBS, Copenhagen

16. June 2011 – Upcoming Keynote by Asger Daugbjerg for Virksomhedsnetværk for socialt ansvar, Århus, Denmark ‘Styrk din indtjening, vis socialt ansvar’.

June 2011 – Asger recommends you to check www.ethicalcorp.com – a great website providing business intelligence for sustainability.

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